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How IRS Tax Lawyers Fight for their Clients Tax Problem

The San Antonio IRS Tax Attorneys in Texas Tax Attorneys fight for their clients’ best interests in court. Defense Tax Partners offers these tax relief services: Stop IRS tax levies; stop IRS garnishment; penalty abatement; innocent spouse; unfiled tax returns; currently not collectible; IRS fresh start; and IRS tax settlement through the Offer In Compromise (OIC). A Tax Levy Attorney in San Antonio is trained to give advice on tax laws and regulations and how to best protect your interests with a tax specialist who has a lot of experience.

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If you are in the middle of a tax audit by the Internal Revenue Service or if you are charged with a tax lien, debt or default judgment in a civil tax proceeding you may be entitled to some tax relief by filing an OIC. The tax relief is called tax arbitration and involves an outside professional arbitrator. Taxpayers with tax debts must hire a certified public accountant (CPA) to perform the OIC process. The CPA will provide a detailed report to the taxpayer to guide him or her through the process and prepare the OIC forms, as well as prepare the correspondence from the tax lien, tax default judgment or civil tax proceeding to the IRS.

Tax lawyers can offer valuable information to you about your tax situation and what the best options are to resolve it. This includes whether or not you are eligible to file a tax arbitration agreement. Most tax attorneys will advise you that you are not eligible to file an OIC because you have failed to file a tax return, or that you are in a civil tax default judgment. Tax attorneys also know that when you file an OIC in Texas, you must provide the appropriate tax professional forms and letters to the Internal Revenue Service. Your OIC is filed on IRS behalf of the taxpayer.

Some people believe that OICs are an admission of guilt and that you have just given up on the fight against IRS collection. However, OICs do not acknowledge or admit guilt in any way. Rather they are a method to settle your tax obligations. In fact, the IRS is happy to work with you to reach an agreement and not attempt to obtain full repayment of the tax you owe.

Tax attorneys offer tax attorneys a unique opportunity to help taxpayers resolve their tax liability. Tax attorneys in San Antonio can make arrangements to provide their services in a convenient manner to avoid the hassle of going to trial.

Tax attorneys in San Antonio have an extensive knowledge of all aspects of your case including the laws surrounding the Internal Revenue Service, how to reduce your tax liability, and where to find the necessary information about your state and local tax codes. Tax attorneys in San Antonio are also familiar with the Internal Revenue Service process and can help you keep track of the status of your return. Tax attorneys in San Antonio can assist you with the tax administration process such as preparing the tax forms, obtaining a tax return, and preparing and submitting tax forms.